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THE WARHOL - Canvas Print

Warhol suggested this product to me in a dream, while I was in New York a couple of years ago...

He whispered, "I got away with painting Bananas and Tins of Soup on Canvas, so at least books are more interesting..." 

It was a strange dream in which I saw Marilyn Monroe with a yellow face and Chairman Mao with a green face reading his little blue book... proving that we do in fact dream in colour... or did I dream it was a dream - surrealist!

In my reference to the Tins of Soup, Andy Warhol was actually quoted as saying "Art is what you can get away with" and responsible for the phrase '15 Minutes of Fame'... I had mine on Dragons Den... It didn't even run to 15 minutes :) 

Anyhoo... back to the product!

High Quality Canvas Print...

The Books Cover Artwork 

For hanging or freestanding on a shelf or desk.

Size 20 x 30cm 4cm Deep 

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THE WARHOL (Canvas Print)

THE WARHOL (Canvas Print)

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